New To WordPress? Be A Totally Cool WP Beginner! Very Low Cost Video Course

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WordPress Totally Cool Website Beginners! Probably you don`t want to need this because you use WordPress. It almost seems as if people are born with an innate WordPress knowhow! 

But I’m sure there are some exceptions. I guess that is why you are here. However, in music for example, when it comes to helping band image there are some great no cost themes around!

In addition, there are literally thousands of plugins, so you and bound to find those related to music, e.g. setting up a fan page, or sending out to email addresses from subscribers.

Cool WordPress Beginners

Do not worry if you have no idea what a WordPress theme is, once you begin the usual way WordPress you will immediately have one!

But this is dated, so best changed. I have included a couple of options further below.

Here Is The Link To WordPress Step By Step Tuition

First impressions are very important to your brand, including self-brand. Within this, the themes used are secondary to content. It seems some do not seem to consider first impressions!

Shame when you work hard in your stage performances for example.

With today`s online tools and resources, pro looking websites are being built at home at a low cost using WordPress.

But you cannot hit the ground running however, a basic understanding is not difficult.

Then if building a music website, for example, you can add an email mailing list where visitors “opt-in”, give tour days etc.

So it could be an additional money earner. Make music offers to your list of followers? With a list you could also send updates and general news about events.

There are loads of plugins around for many purposes these days – literally thousands of them, so you are sure to find one or more to suit. 

As for hosting, my choice for beginners would be>  DreamHost. This is because the DreamHost website is easy to navigate.

In fact, they do not advise changing things. However, as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community> WA, Members get fast and secure HTTPs hosting included! 

WordPress Tutorials Step By Step. WordPress Training Videos For Beginners.  

The cost to you is just a few dollars! In fact, just the cost of a takeaway pizza will cover it! You can immediately download a whole stack of recently updated WordPress training videos today.

Being at very low cost, it all seems too good to be true I guess? Well, there`s no catch.

You see, online marketers are near tripping over each other to get people to join their online mailing lists.

In many instances, marketers will offer either a zero cost product or one of low cost. If in music, it is still a business.

With a stack of WordPress tutorials step by step training, you will have an opportunity to be added to Cedric`s marketing mailing list. However, you can opt-out later if you wish.

Now, I know Ced is, like me, quite laid back. I do not think he will bombard you with emails. Cedric is not a guy who believes in throwing crap at the wall, then using what doesn`t fall off.

If the mention of plugins and themes is currently over your head, no bother, all will become clear if you access the course from the linked image above. 

I mentioned that WordPress training videos had recently been updated.

However, do consider that an ever increasing number of people are now using small screen mobile devices.

So a good WP theme needs to account for this. Of many theme choices, I guess the zero cost Hiero theme will suit the needs of many people.

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