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Unique Stage Rocker T-Shirts That Let Others Know You Are In A Band.

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Rock Band T-shirts Or More General Music Band T-Shirts. These self-promoting tee-shirts are custom made from organic cotton with quality print, i.e. not added from a horrid rubber type material. The central part of the otherwise white GIGGING print is in silver. It’s likely these will remain but owing the wide range offered, to avoid confusion, some will be removed from the list in 2019. 

Male-Gigging On Black

So now you can display your message by walking around just about anywhere… Fast order response – shipped worldwide. 
Male-Gigging On Bright Blue
But let’s propagate musically your cheerful most positive and productive selves! They come in various colors, the black obviously being most suited to rock presentations. The range also includes mood colors, e.g. that are considered to heighten our emotions, or otherwise relax us… even have a calming effect on animals!

These Unique Rock Band T-Shirts Are Only Available From One Source. Stand Out In Tube, e.g. The Orange Clawed Globe Sits Nicely Above Guitar Level.

Others Might Better Suite Gigging And Self Promoting Your Band, Or Otherwise Viewed From Within The Audience!

These Custom Rock Band T-Shirts Are Bought Directly Being Finished From The UK Source In Certified Organic Cotton. Fast Order Turnaround Worldwide!  


Male-Gigging On Black

Various Colors – More Than Shown Below.


Male-Gigging On Green Male-Gigging On Mustard Male-Gigging On Red MALE GLOBE COLLECTION  Male-Orange On Blue Fade Male-Orange On Grey


Links to the secure online store. Custom made, this is the only outlet available! Includes other colors & black in both images – Guys, Gals & Kids

 Whatever your music group and genre, these unique t-shirts announce you are available for performances.


As a color example of music played at an outdoor party, green is considered an antidepressant! Look around zoos or public gardens etc, where people work closely with various animals, and you`ll see the staff wear green and occasionally dark blue.

Animal mood response is known to be affected by color. Elsewhere, for us human animals, purple is considered to have a cool more relaxing color association. But it goes deeper than that.

Shipped worldwide, but if ordered in the UK for UK delivery, you can have your new custom music t-shirt sent to you the same day if ordered before 3 pm. Get more concert bookings, make more money, entertain more people.. or gain an orange globe Tuber presence!

From Plants To Shirts (What Others Don’t Tell You)!

The t-shirts and pullover hoody are made from certified organic cotton within an ethically credited renewable energy powered factory. Organic cotton is better for the producers and the ecosystem in which it is produced.

The fields that grow the organic cotton for the products are in the North of India. Here the monsoons fill reservoirs that supply almost all the water needed! The gathered bolls of organic cotton are trucked from the farms to the ginning house where they are separated out into the useful fibers which are sent to be spun.

The t-shirts are shipped all over the world! About 70% of the carbon emissions from a t-shirt happen during the in-use phase, which to non-scientists means simple washing and drying! For this reason, customers are asked to wash cool and hang dry. That`s not essential, but it makes a difference when you study the whole life cycle.

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