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The IBO Toolbox is a huge and long-established online marketing platform that’s great for marketing digital products, but in my experience, rubbish for marketing physical products! However, the IBO offers far more than I can reasonably include here in Digi!

A lot of the IBO interest comes from searches outside IBO, so its a very powerful platform. Thus members take advantage of the blogging facility to attract the additional interest.

In my experience just buying credits, or building credits from viewing people`s ads is not enough. You have to get really “into it”! So spend as much time there as you want.

 For example, take full advantage of what’s offered by joining the IBO Club. This allows full access to the blogging system.

Otherwise, there’s no cost to use the IBO Toolbox and no nagging to upgrade, You will earn credits for viewing the ad inclusions, but you can buy credits. 

marketing digital products

Marketing CB Digital Products

 As with everything else in online marketing, you can get far more from the IBO if you pay!

They do not refer to it as an upgrade, but instead, access is given to their Club at a monthly cost! This will only cost a small amount per month.

You will also see the value placed on the credits with your ad inclusions. I get 3 or 4 % click through, but occasionally 5% click through.

Some might say 3 to 5% is a laugh. But I’d rather have a few people who are genuine than a load of “passing by” subscribers on a lengthy mailing list!

As always, it is quality that counts. You really don’t want people who spend most of their days looking through traffic exchanges. They won’t be interested. 

By navigating through income opportunity inclusions in the IBO Toolbox you will gain credits for your time. Aside from this, or in addition to this, you can also buy credits in addition to, or as well as, using monthly credits should you join the Club, as earlier mentioned.

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Club members have full access to a blogging facility. This also helps gain more visibility in the search engnes.

Right now in this late September 2018, I’m so busy marketing the new traffic funnel business, that I don’t get a lot of time to see what other IBO members are promoting, thus my star rating is down to two!

Please note, the IBO will not accept autoresponders.

But You Are Never Alone In The IBO Community!

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