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Digital Or Physical Products?

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Looking here-and-there there are many affiliate opportunities being offered online to promote physical products, e.g. from the larger musical instrument stores across the USA, Canada, and UK.. if they let you. 

However, there`s also a huge number of digitally available products in music you can promote as affiliates, e.g. learning guitar chords (as included herein Digi Music Tools), or music production and creation (Ideas and keywords are included herein Digi Music Tools).

There are two huge advantages in offering digital products in music as opposed to being an affiliate of physical products.

1/ Not for every product, but in many instances, you can become an affiliate for one or more products that are digitally downloadable today!

You then choose where when and how you promote! This providing you adhere to terms and conditions of promoting ethically, e.g. no spamming. After all, product creators want them shared too!

 Select From Within Over 9000 Digitally Downloadable Products Earning Up To 75pc Commission

That said there are some exceptions to immediate access. Sometimes you will have to request approval. In these situations, you will be asked to show how you plan to promote, e.g. from a website.

This prerequisite might be to protect the reputation of their digital product. 

However, I believe online marketers will have far fewer opportunities to promote physical products within music. 

2/ So the second reason for choosing digital is the commission! With physical, you`d mostly be looking at 6%, that`s ok if managing to sell expensive Norg stage keyboards as an example.

Unless your website does not look established and already includes musical instrument, it would probably be rejected outright! Not so with most (note, most) ClickBank digital opportunities!

digitally available products in music

No Pipe Dreams Here!

However herein you will be able to offer digitally downloadable products in music with up to 75% commission. Do look at a post from > here

Looking further ahead, know how to market affiliate products! Wealthy Affiliate offers its own affiliate opportunity with a generous commission.

As a member, you will get high-quality website hosting that links to WordPress. As indicated above, everyone needs a website to market successfully, more than ever these days.

Wealthy Affiliate is established with many thousands of online marketers supporting each other.

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You will find answers to marketing questions, also you can ask questions. It is easy to find help as there are sure to be one or more marketers there to answer.

Private coaching is available, plus you can contact the owners. There`s step-by-step training. It includes live chat. Set up a Starter (no cost) website immediately on a domain platform.

So whatever you are planning to promote – from dehydrated cow manure for gardeners to digital downloadable products in music, you can build your business from secure hosting right from herein. 

Plus there`s a keyword research tool included to help keep ahead of the competition for whatever you are marketing!

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