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Traffic Exchange Scams. Lazy Ass Stoner

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I Hate Traffic Exchanges… But I Can Make An Exception! With ListSurfing Surf 50 As A Minimum Per Month., This Is All You Need To Stay Active. Even Zero Cost Members Get A Generous Exposure To Their Ads. No One-To-One Exchanges.   List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

If considering using traffic exchanges I will suggest you keep with those that have become established over many years. Today many traffic exchanges have few members. There is now a huge number of low-value traffic exchanges around. 

Some will try to scam you by offering many thousands of credits (to exchange for views). However, unless they include enough members to render the credits valid there little point in buying them. 

In general what value you get from them depending on what you are promoting. For example, never offer physical products in traffic exchanges, keep with digital. If you take the Prosperity Marketing System> PMS offer that is included herein Digi, you will find some o  the larger established traffic exchanges. 

If you are just considering marketing online then this the best time to subscribe to both Dan Brock The Deadbeat Super Affiliate an also the Lazy Ass Stoner that you can link > here (Yes, he is back). Probably go to the latter first. That is before you consider subscribing to one or more home income online programs.

That is unless you sign up to income opportunities here in Digi of course lol. Seriously, there is no point in chasing the so-called here-today-gone-tomorrow shiny objects, you can do that forever more.    

Recommended Paperbacks: YOUTUBE RITUAL – Brian G. Johnson & YouTube for Business by Jason R. Rich.

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