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Awesome Income Opportunities. Get Your Music Selfie Promo Tee Shirts! Many New Additions In July 2019

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  >>Your Tee Promos<<

Introducing a refreshing and new inexpensive online marketing course. This is new and related to marketing online for 2019 and beyond! But, dare I speak less favorably of aging affiliate marketing community platforms?

Well, they do earn many marketers a monthly income in themselves, but these days only a very few will know if much of the earnings just come from the actual platform promos themselves, or are earned by building knowledge from the content… 

>>Simplify Marketing Here

musical threads

So within today`s busy lives, along with the latest entertainments around.. like Netflix, I`m a pretty good idea that most will take the more direct route (I watch on Netflix too!). So I guess we are all in favor of a simpler more cohesive money earning system >

Yep, time to take a refresh!

Here you have access to a new course introduced in 2019. It is set for the future of online marketing! For a few dollars, you can try this information for a week. If you stay (a huge majority do…) it will cost you only thirty-seven dollars month – no upsell or hidden cost.

It is ideal for marketing beginners being easy to follow, thus it has the potential to encourage members to hold their focus as they progress through the course steps, no going from place to place for training at different levels. Heck, you can even see a business being built in real time! Here there you have it in a nutshell. If you` like to take a trail do please take the LINK>>NewMarketingCourse

Male-Gigging On Red

From the following, you can also find mostly two music t-shirt designs that are unique on organic cotton. From black to red, there are several colors in between! There’s only one source.

These are quality printed to send a message that you are available for concerts. So by wearing one, you advertise as you go around! If into stage, video or concert presentations, do check out the range go the page herein. 

Male-Gigging On Black<< Unique Blatant White GIGGING On Organic Cotton. The shirt does not have to be black! Let others know you are in a band and available for gigs – colleges, community halls, other local halls, garden fates, etc. One source only from the UK – worldwide distribution! 

Music Selfie Promo T-Shirts

Related to the above, t-shirts, you will have a stage and Tube presence. So extend to inviting others into affiliate marketing, you might earn more than enough to buy yourself a super new guitar.. and then some…   

Updated Post Inclusion: Cheese, Music Festivals And The Madison Music Scene. Milwaukee Wisconsin host an annual music festival. So huge its size is on a par with the Glastonbury Festival-Somerset UK. >Wisconsin.

Below Includes A Short List Of The Digi Pages That Show Further Popularity, 

Affiliate Programs << Huge list Of Affiliate Programs & Keywords. As Always, Sort The Wheat From The Chaff (affiliate opportunities even exist in bulk sale egg boxes..)!

IBO ToolBox << Largest? Online Marketing Community Platform. No, It Doesn’t Contradict Comments At The Outset As This Is A Marketing Platform. Occasionally It Includes Well Organized Training.

Paper.li  << Daily Content On Digital Paper. Auto Refreshes Content Daily, But Includes Archives.

Keep Man Sexually Interested

Paper li Say It Will Return Subject Content On Anything You Want! Mostly It’s Not Always Accurate But It’s Still interesting At No Cost (Unless Pro – No Affiliate Link). Definitely Builds Impressions On Twitter Too! 

Just hit the 75% image below!

So there is no shortage of niche products to target audiences through opt-in emails! These have the potential for you to offer many email opt-in squeeze pages with (or without) a traffic funnel system!

Some of the digital products within Clickbank offer 75% commission. That knocks Amazon commission into a cocked hat! 

My own keyword list herein is very diverse, e.g. it includes Conker`s Bad Fur Day – Nintendo.. just to emphasize the extent to niche variations! 

For example, offer the plan to build chicken coops, then offer commercial packs of egg boxes within the niche too! The latter being as an Amazon affiliate!

Some promoters say you need to “create a product” to make your desired extra income! If so, and in any event, the product should be of benefit to others, not just created for financial self-gain.

But isn’t a way in excess of 9000 products plus 600 key ideas for online marketing enough?

Teds working with wood plans, that are combined with an affiliate income opportunity, have been around for many years! 


 Guitar Tuition Online> X |  Guitarists Never Go Hungry> X | 1st Social CRM> X  | Brain Power> X | Affiliate Programs – Music Keywords> X
Unique Music T-Shirts That Announce You Are Ready For Gigs> X


Shaun A Leggott  >Twitter  musiccoverstoo@gmail.com .

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Traffic Exchange Scams. Lazy Ass Stoner

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I Hate Traffic Exchanges… But I Can Make An Exception! With ListSurfing Surf 50 As A Minimum Per Month., This Is All You Need To Stay Active. Even Zero Cost Members Get A Generous Exposure To Their Ads. No One-To-One Exchanges.   List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

If considering using traffic exchanges I will suggest you keep with those that have become established over many years. Today many traffic exchanges have few members. There is now a huge number of low-value traffic exchanges around. 

Some will try to scam you by offering many thousands of credits (to exchange for views). However, unless they include enough members to render the credits valid there little point in buying them. 

In general what value you get from them depending on what you are promoting. For example, never offer physical products in traffic exchanges, keep with digital. If you take the Prosperity Marketing System> PMS offer that is included herein Digi, you will find some o  the larger established traffic exchanges. 

If you are just considering marketing online then this the best time to subscribe to both Dan Brock The Deadbeat Super Affiliate an also the Lazy Ass Stoner that you can link > here (Yes, he is back). Probably go to the latter first. That is before you consider subscribing to one or more home income online programs.

That is unless you sign up to income opportunities here in Digi of course lol. Seriously, there is no point in chasing the so-called here-today-gone-tomorrow shiny objects, you can do that forever more.    

Recommended Paperbacks: YOUTUBE RITUAL – Brian G. Johnson & YouTube for Business by Jason R. Rich.

Further Interest


300.000 Visitors A Day! Please note IBO does not accept autoresponders. With the IBO there is no nagging you to upgrade from zero cost, but they do offer the Club IBO.

You’d probably find just buying earning and using credits for advertising of little or no use. However, by joining the Club you`ll have full blogging access. By blogging, interest is extended beyond IBO by being better seen in online search results.

Shaun A Leggott | musiccoverstoo@gmail.com | Twitter

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Instant Digital Product Storefront. Keywords You Can Link Into CBAdsPro

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Many Niche Secondary Income Ideas For Affiliate Marketing Via A Massive Keyword List. Right here and now you might well be looking for second income ideas for affiliate marketing to build the important email list of buyers. 

>>Print My Tattoo<< 7500 designs c/o ClickBank. Choose then print it and take to the favorite tattooist.  Very rewarding opportunity! (The design above is my image asset)  

Herein the Posts & pages, Clickbank, Amazon, and a few others also are well known and trusted payers. However, with an estimated half million affiliate opportunities around, its best to apply due diligence particularly when looking elsewhere. Further down this Post, you can link to a video guide related to finding quality products in Clickbank, Gravity etc. 
Not an affiliate opportunity this time but you can learn the guitar for just $5 a month! Please see the Metallica acoustic guitar mashup video and further details below! But if you want to learn guitar online to a more rounded understanding, you’ll find the links herein.
I consider the one-off cost upgrade to CB ADS Pro essential for quickly finding your way into many thousands of digital promotable products, e.g. using the music-related keywords below!

Please note you won`t be able to use your own CB Ads Pro storefront until you have created an account with ClickBank where you will then have your ID link.

I have checked my list of music-related digital learning products that I use in key searches. It`s included as your possible stater here. Guitars seem to lead with piano second, then singing, but surprisingly, unless I’ve missed something, no drums! So if you are a drummer who can produce a quality drumming course in digital you might do ok here!  

RiffmasterPro || Music Production | Hip Hop | Recordings | Write Songs | Music | Royalty Free Beats | Beat Making | Home Recording | Learn Piano | Monthly Piano | Piano Teaching | Learn Music | Read Music | Rhythm | Marimba |

GUITAR:  Advancing Guitarist Program | Fretboard | Kids Guitar Academy | Guitar Success System |  Guitar Spot | Guitar |  Rock Guitar Mastery | Guitar Lessons |  RiffMasterPro – slows down the music but maintains pitch. popular with guitarists! | Adult Guitar Lessons | Guitar Method | Guitar Method Finger Trainer  |  Sing  | Singing


>>CB Ads Pro<<

Later within this Post is an absolutely huge number of entries you can use as keywords, or sometimes as direct links, to access products, both digital and physical. Obviously, not all are Clickbank related.
The list will help you choose one or more affiliate income opportunities to attract interest and, thus, build a list of buyers, be that for digital products, physical products, or both!
The list covers all ages and interests. For example, the younger entrepreneurs affiliates might find the gaming affiliate programs of interest, eg. from within Noch Games
Elsewhere,  if not done so already you can join ClickBank from > here. There are no charges. This is an early mention because from within ClickBank you have access to way over 9000 digital affiliate information products. Some vendors for these products offer a 75%  commission on sales. 
As a later optional addition, having your own StoreFront (one-off cost upgrade), accessed from > here or from the banner, will help you speedily move through many ClickBank products. As said, this is optional, but strongly recommended!

It`s estimated there are about half a million online affiliate business opportunities around! Just as forums cover just about all interests today, many affiliate income opportunities do also! A difference is that forums include livestock information, There even one or more forums on pot-bellied pigs!

Of course, this includes affiliate opportunity forums… Add advanced (i.e. with italics) “affiliate marketing forums” into the mighty Goog`s search and you`ll find it selects 24.000! Just one that leads therein is >here. This selects what they consider as the best affiliate marketing forums.

So this Post: Thorough though it is, it creates an almost invisible dint into the surface of affiliate marketing! If you don`t see affiliate opportunities of interest below, you might find the Associate Programs of further interest > here.

But please give yourself time to go through the Post, because there’s sure to be an Aha! or lightbulb moment herein! There are around 600 keywords alone.

Many of my own affiliate opportunities list, as seen below, will also be seen within affiliate networks. Amazon is one example where many will be found, particularly when relating some of the list entries to reading.

Using music as another example, BritPop does not have an affiliate income opportunity per-se, but related products are included in Amazon, If music is the way you want to go, you might consider that as a launchpad into other areas of music-related products in Amazon etc.

Obviously, you can apply that approach with other products to address your niche audience/s.

Apple Music now have their own affiliate income opportunity! Not looking to stereotype, but as a niche, if interested, you might target it towards the confident videoing teen and twenty-something Apple Fanboys and Apple Fangirls!

Through videoing, you will reach into an audience faster than blogging, or perhaps even faster than reaching out through social websites. If you haven’t considered videoing because you don’t want to be seen, that’s fine. You don`t have to be seen when videoing these days.

Choosing an affiliate income opportunity to promote, does not always mean you will be accepted. For example, with Apple Music, you`d need to show I believe a blog with at least four pages of deemed appropriate content. If rejected it might help to phone them and explain your circumstances, e.g. show videoing experience.

Apple is not alone in these assessments. With most affiliate opportunities included by vendors in ClickBank, you can join and promote immediately (Please see details further below). But some will require you to have approval by the product vendor, or vendors, initially.

It`s quite easy to become an Amazon affiliate. You just need to show at least one a blog or website that you will use to include Amazon affiliate products. There might also be other ways of being accepted. If you don`t show something, you`ll likely get a, “not at this time” polite type of response…

If you look into the Post here you`ll see Digi was accepted for the online worldwide guitar lessons affiliate opportunity. In addition, as well as offering a very wide range of teaching different styles, you can also apply to become an affiliate if you so desire. It could be a win-win for you! Linked image >

But probably not if it was marketing crates of cabbages to main street stores etc!

I have included my list of very wide-ranging niche areas through keywords below. 

But first, here are some of the most known affiliate networks. Note, with Amazon each country operates an affiliate program independently, but you can apply to more than one country.

Within the list below, you will find one or two of the inclusions will be known as influencers. They help promote growth as opposed to offering affiliate opportunities. Otherwise just add affiliate, or affiliate program after each of the chosen key names when searching.

You could also include them in phrases because people often search with two or more words. As said above some of the products will also be included in Amazon, e.g. Under Armour.

As also said elsewhere, products from different sources sometimes can be exactly related to a list, for example, how to build a chicken coop (ClickBank) can be related to the commercial supply of egg boxes (Amazon). Then maybe chicken recipe books etc. ClickBank includes over 9000 affiliate income opportunity products with vendors offering up to 75% commission!

KeywordsEverywhere – An Extension For Chrome Or Firefox


Chicken Keeping Secrets – FabFitFun – Erin Condren – The Royal Canadian Mint – ClickBank – JVZoo – CJ – Offer Vault – Click2Sell – CommissionSoup – ShareASale – Flexoffers – Avangate – AdCombo – AffinBank – AvantLink – MaxBounty – TradeDoubler – AWIN – Rakuten – Amazon Associates – eBay – Reward Style – ShopStyle Collective – VigLink – The Royal Mint – Survivalist Life – St. Clare-Heirloom-Seeds – NochGames. Tag: tattoo affiliates

Fashion & Shoes

Addidas – & Other Stories – American Apparel – Anthropologie – Bloomingdales – Boohoo – Clarks – Eddie Bauer – Fanatics – Frank & Oak – Free People – Hudons Bay – Keds – Macy`s – Missguided – Mr. Porter – Net-a-Porter – New Balance – Nike – Nordstorm – Pretty Little Thing – Puma – Revolve – River Island – Saucony – SportChek – Ssense – The Real Real – ThinkGeek – TK Maxx – Toms – Topshop – True Religion – Under Armour – Urban Outfitters – Vans – Vestiaire Collection – Whistlers – zappos

There`s a lot of money being made from rare trainers/sneakers. There`s also a lot of money being made in high quality used and vintage electric guitars. Some of these guitars are passed along by now better-known guitarists. Guitars sometimes sell for several thousand dollars.

I guess in order to know the right target audience you`d need to know the music business from the inside. If in the know maybe agree on a deal for a commission by contacting leading guitarists or music management directly. Alternatively, maybe put a wanted ad in a music magazine.

So we don`t have to follow the established affiliate income approach! I imagine with insider knowledge you could even cut a deal for marketing used drums, stage keyboards etc.

Electronics Affiliate Programs

Apple – Beats by Dr.Dre – Best Buy – BH Photo – Canon – Dell – DJI – GearBest – iTunes – Microsoft – Olympus – Sennheiser – SkullCandy – Sony

Food & Drink Affiliate Programs

Blue Apron – Graze – HelloFresh – Vega – Vitamix

Cosmetic & Beauty Affiliate Programs

Beauty Bakerie – Beauty Bay – Bellima Hair – BH Cosmetics – Charlotte Tilbury – Cult Beauty – Estee Lauder – Juice Beauty – Lilly Lashes – Luxy Hair – Morphe – Murad – Ofra Cosmetics – Sephora – Pur Cosmetics – Ulta

Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs

BodyBuilding.com – FitBit – GNC – Jade Yoga – Life Fitness – MyProtien – Vitamin World – Weight Watchers. There’s bound to be many more.

Pet Product Affiliate Programs

FitBark – PetCo

HomeWare & Furniture Affiliate Programs

Habitat – HomeDepot – JSYK – LinenChest – Made.com – Overstockers -The White Company – Wayfair

My own huge list of products both digital and physical, plus a few services: These are partly included for leading a search for related products. Some affiliate marketers build their entire affiliate marketing business on promoting just one physical product!

They earn thousands a month but, of course, they don`t tell other marketers of the product they are promoting.. the end users know of course!

To be fair I have to thank the formerly named StumbleUpon social site (Now called Mix) for some of the inclusions that were obtained from way back. 

Most of the inclusions are physical products. To give a general idea of where some information is found, American history & American lit, postmodernism etc is included within or more Amazon book products respectively. Woodworking is included both in Amazon books and as physical products.

To digress, there are also thousands of woodworking plans available through ClickBank, with photos of finished products. They have been there for many years so still going strong! Elsewhere therein, boat building etc.

If I was looking into woodworking via Amazon I`d look at supply and demand, then perhaps just feature one high in demand physical product with low competition…

Unfortunately, there isn`t time at present in November 2018 to categorize the list into services, fun horror, personal needs, sexual health, music, DIY woodwork etc. but of course you can draw your own categories from the extensive list, subject to your niches or services interests. Just to reiterate, with time allowed, the list will be organized into categories.

Bird cages are included. Maybe ten or more years back an online marketer built a fortune just by marketing said bird cages. I believe that guy was one of the brothers who created the Wealthy Affiliate training and generous affiliate income opportunity.

It might be that initially built his list marketing low-cost bird associated products, then progressed to bird cages. It shows what happens when the right niche reaches exactly targeted audiences! Anyway, taking a deep breath here goes!

Sports braces – fitness braces – golf braces – sports dentist service – youth football pants – youth practice jerseys – youth thigh pads – bird cages – fish tanks – aquariums – marijuana (if legal in your country) – gardening – American history – anime – architecture – art history – arts – ballet – classical studies – cold war – dancing – design – desktop publishing – drawing – eastern studies – ethics – fashion – fine arts – graphic design – history – humanities – industrial design – live theater – logic – medieval history – music composition – mythology – painting – performing arts philosophy – photography – photoshop – postmodernism – quotes – sculpting – songwriting – woodworking – accounting – banking – bargains & coupons – capitalism – cell phone accessories – construction – consumer info – daytrading – ecommerce – electronic devices – energy industry – entrepreneurship – financial planning – starting home business – insurance – investing – jewelry – luxury – electric tiller cultivators – managementHR – manufacturing – marketing – mutual funds – optitions – futures & trading – petrolium – real estate – SEO – taxation – telecom – C.A.D – computer graphics – computer security – cyberculture – databases – embedded systems – embedded systems – encryption – forums – hacking – instant messaging – internet tools – java – peripheral devices – supercomputing – video games – web development – windows – windows dev – alternative health – anatomy – arthritis – asthema – beauty – bodybuilding – brain disorders – cancer – dentistry – diabetes – disabilities – doctor practices – surgeons – eating disorders – ergonomics – fitness – forensics – glaucoma – health & welbeing – heart conditions – learning disorders – medical science – mental health – nursing – nutrition – physical therapy – bed wetting – artificial snow – anti snoring – beer keg refrigerators – travel potties – bocce ball – fry erase boards – garden hoses – jock itch – magic supplies – paraffin baths – plantar fasciitis – pregnancy stretch marks – shoe trees – watch winders – pump up songs – dance and disco stage effects – theater effects – horror coloring books – horror art – horror fiction figures – horror anthology – horror figure collectibles – horror dvds –L ittle Shop of Horrors – sale flags swift stores – sale flags with poles – sale flags for business – The Borrowers – marketing book best sellers – marketing books social media – beer pong – beer kits – beer pong tables – beer pong instructions & rules – party starters – psychiatry – self improvement – sexual health – spas – substance abuse – weight loss – yoga – billboards – billiards – board games – horror board games – classic car parts – adult card games – horror card games – collecting, rare cigars – collecting/memorabilia – crafts – crochet – rare dolls & puppets – gambling addiction – knitting – illusions – photo gear – poker – puzzles – quilting – quizzes – roleplaying games – satire – scrapbooking -sewing – vintage cars – alcoholic drinks/compact fridges – college logo portable drinks bars – antiques – baby care – travel coffee mugs – entertaining guests – exotic pet care – tropical fish – genealogy – home improvements – home brewing – homemaking – homeschooling – landscaping – married life – parenting – pregnancy/birth – mature interests – big boy toys – dining out/recipe books – pubs UK and diners US/area interests – restoration – teen life – vegetarian – weddings/funerals – wines – American lit – animation – British literature – cartoons – comic books – fantasy books – journalism – library resources – mystery novels – poetry – radio broadcasts – romantic novels – science fiction – Shakespire – soap operas – copywriting -action movies – alternative rock – ambient music – therapy music – blues music – Britpop – Celtic Music – Christian music – classic movies – comedy movies – cilt movies – Drum`n`Bass – electronica/IDM – Ethnic music – film noir – filmmaking – folk music – foreign movies – funk, Gospel music – guitar – heavy metal, Hip/hop/Rap – house music – background music – independent films – indie rock – industrial music – karaoke – latin music – musical instruments – music theory – musician resources – oldies music – opera – percussion – punk rock – recording gear – reggae – soul/R&B – soundtracks – techno –  triphop/downtempo – vocal music – farms/homesteads – bird watching – boating- camping – canoeing/kayaking – climbing – fishing – flyfishing – forestry – hiking – nature – outdoors – running – scuba diving – skydiving – Africa – Asia – Australia – Brazil – Canada – Caribbean – Central America – China – Europe – Korea – middle east – Netherlands – New York -Oceania – Russia – South America – alternative energy – amateur radio – anthropology – antiaging – archeology – astronomy – aviation/aerospace – biology – biomechanics – biotech – botony – chaos/complexity – chemical eng – chemistry – civil engineering – cognitive science – computer science – ecology – economics – electrical eng – electronic parts – environment – evolution – futurism – gadgets – genetics – geography – geoscience – kinesiology – linguists – machinery – marine biology – mathematics – mechanical eng – meteorology – microbiology – mining/metallurgy – nanotech – neuroscience – nuclear science – paleontology – pharmacology – physics – -physiology – political science – robotics – semiconductors – sociology – space exploration – statistics – trains & railroad – transportation – virtual reality – zoology – activism – african Americans – anarchasm – astrology- biographers – bisexual & culture – bizzares – oddities – career planning – celebrities – communism – conspiracies – continuing education – counterculture – crime – dating tips – fenimism – gay culture – hedonism – humanitarianism – lesbian culture – liberties & rights – matchmaking – men`s issues – military – native Americans – new age – nightlife – non profit/charities – paranormal – rave culture – senior citizens – socialism – subculture – tattoo/piercing – terrorism – UFOs – uni/college – women`s issues – American football – badminton – baseball – bicycling – bowling – cheerleading – cricket – equestrian/horses – extreme sports – figur skating – golfing – gymnastics – hockey – hunting – martial arts – motor sports – racquetball – rodeo rugby/inflatables – sailing – professional drones – snoring – cycle repairs – carpet repair – dash repair – tyre repair tools – subwoofer repair – cellphone repair books – cell phone posters/led signs/flags – swooper flags – skateboarding – skiing – snowboarding – track & field – volleyball – water sports – windsurfing – yeti coolers – recording interface – home recording bundles – workstation studio desks – Asylum book series – Zombie videos – spooky doll collectibles – guitar heads – guitar kits – Tag: tattoo affiliates 

Almost Every Type Of Beanie (e.g. Amazon)!

There`s no guarantee any will exactly match the red beanie worn by Tyler Joseph, lol! The following link relates to the 21 WW2 pilots for where the band name, Twenty One Pilots, are formed. But back to beanies.

Alpaca beanies – Diamond beanies – Emo beanies – Fleece beanies – KC beanies – Levi`s beanies – Magcon beanies – North Face beanies – Oversized beanies – Polo beanies – OVO beanies – Polo beanies – Pom Pom beanies – Slouchy beanies (favored by Ville Valo – HIM) Supreme beanie hats

Niche Ideas For Affiliate Marketing

Supreme beanies – Tulip beanies – Redskins beanies – O.B.E.Y Beanies – Fisherman beanies -Tassel -Wool knit beanies – Fur Pom beanies – Cashmere beanies – Emo beanies – Big W beanies

ClickBank History: ClickBank has been around for over 20 years. The company has paid out billions of dollars the successful promoters. Several months back it was estimated that ClickBank included over 9000 digitally downloadable products! Some of these products are offered with a 75% commission!

If choosing ClickBank, where to start? Well extending for the above examples there’s arts and entertainments, online business, personal relationships, travel, email marketing of course. This encompasses making money online. “Ted” offers 16,000 woodworking plans.. with photos! 

Here again, is the > link to join ClickBank. It’s of zero cost. In addition, it will be easy to create your account!

Become a GuitarHead in Patreon. The five dollars a month donation makes you a “GuitarHead”! This gives you access to all Charles Alexander Allreds instructional guitar videos! The link is > HERE (new window).

This post further enables many keywords that you could link to music-related resources. For example, progressing with learning guitar using a very popular tool that allows the guitarist to reduce tempo without sacrificing pitch. This is called RiffMasterPro.

I use another downloadable product through ClickBank called Video SurgeonThis has some similarities. but if you consider promoting RiffMasterPro instead, I believe you will need approval first.

From the secondary list of keywords further below, you can access recording music resources and more. Just find the ideal niches to target your niche audience. The music list below is a handy gateway to other products as they will appear as you add links link through.

 CB Pro Ads Storefront is independently associated with ClickBank products. So once you create your account with ClickBank, you can then include the Storefront! As said earlier, this is optional.

It is completely legit and established. This offers tools you will not find within ClickBank. Please listen to the CB Pro Ads video introduction as you begin. 

CBProAds  < alternative link As earlier said, you won’t see the link banner above if you have an ad blocker on..)

It is a good idea at this point to gain an understanding of how products are valued within ClickBank. You will find this information freely available on Tube, for example…

Who hasn’t heard of Dan Broke, The Deadbeat Super Affiliate? Well, logically many haven’t. I have included a link to his low-cost marketing course in the resources Post that you can access for > here.  Below is Dan’s link where he introduced some of the better-earning products in ClickBank (while awake..).



Looking for income opportunities from different sources: Websites are available from where home profit-making affiliates can immediately access established or new affiliated products as they come along, e.g. MunchEye, and JVZoo.

In this latter instance, it might be to catch the early market ahead of the competition. Sometimes promoters offer more than one products a day. Basically, this approach becomes more of a.. throw crap at a wall and send out links for what doesn’t fall off.  However, list members can unsubscribe at any stage, e.g. if they become overwhelmed.

Shaun A Leggott > Twitter –  musiccoverstoo@gmail.com  

Heres a couple of more music-related link to throw in even a little more interest! Tag: tattoo affiliates

Music Without Internet Charges  |  DiscoKid link 

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Never Go Hungry Playing Guitar! Promote Online Guitar Lessons – 50% Commission

/ by

It is said of street performing guitarists, guitarists never go hungry when playing guitar. If not taking bookings, they can always earn from street performances! Learning guitar online is a featured post herein.

This is keeping with the Digi Music Tools music affiliate marketing thread.

street performing guitarists

This Guy Forgot Lunch!

Gigi Music Tools includes links from where you can also earn by promoting online guitar tuition as an affiliate, along with choosing for thousands of other digitally downloadable products.

So go play and earn.. even if you are new to the guitar! With some promotions, you will need to be approved by the vendor/s to become an affiliate. 

Affiliate Including Left Handed Guitar Lessons 

This is a great opportunity particularly if you move through music social circles, or want to promote as a YouTuber. Musicians including cover songs etc generally build subscribers quick quickly.

But back to guitar tuition. Looking as alternatives, there`s also sure to be a guitar tutor close by to teach you the guitar chords. Of course, this will have an ongoing fee as you progress learning. There is a saying that everything has a price!

There are advantages for some in learning guitar from home tuition. It will involve having a time and place to learn guitar without distractions. Thus you will have to be available at certain times for your guitar tuition.

Don`t let you tutor down or he or she will be justified in charging you for loss of earning.

So there are different approaches to learning to play the guitar. Hit the Post that includes the 75% featured image.

From there you can have immediate access to your own Storefront. Through this, you’ll find several opportunities offered related to learning to play the guitar and of course, earning commissions! The Storefront addition is optional but highly recommended.  

But there you’ll find countless other earning opportunities.

Here is a link to a very popular guitar tuition example – pays a 50% affiliate commission too!  

The negative is that you might find the solo method unemotional thus without being with friends, or making likeminded friends.

So I really suggest you invite like-minded friends around from where you can “compete” together while learning the guitar from your software. 

Sometimes we need “competition” to bring out our best! I know, being one who taught for over 14 years in a high-action sport!

Would you want to be the guy or gal, holding the team back? So if your using, or planning to buy and use ready software, perhaps bring some friends around to your home. Follow guitar chords together!

This could be compared to having a team spirit in sports! 

Three Guitar Examples Of Influence!

>Igor Presnnyakov<

Zombie – The Cranberries – Igor Presnyakov – Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

    >Cláudio Santos< 

The Above Is An Acoustic Compilation


Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Gabriella Quevedo

Shaun A Leggott > Twitter | musiccoverstoo@gmail.com | 

Including Left Handed Guitar Lessons

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Worldwide Online Guitar Lessons – All Levels. Now Includes Playing Guitar Left Handed

/ by
Left Handed Guitar Lessons Included In Infinite Guitar`s Tuition! At this time few show left-handed guitar lessons online. So Infinite Guitar has now changed that! Infinite Guitar Online Guitar Lessons: Infinite Guitar tuition has now undertaken 2,290 guitar lessons.. and growing, this being as noted in late August 2018.

There is a saying that if you can play the guitar you will never go hungry!

The Infinite Guitar library of lessons host guitar lessons of all styles and at levels of experience.. through to “crazy” – Rock out those first power chords!

So No matter your skill or style, Infinite Guitar`s guitar tuition is designed to help guitarists develop their awesome potential!

Left Handed Guitar Lessons
The state of the art website design helps you exactly locate your choice of lessons as immediately as possible. All styles included that is around eleven in total!

Of course, it includes rock and metal. Includes:

Rock   Metal   Classical   Fusion   Jazz   Blues   Acoustic   Funk  Country    Latin    Holiday  Any Style

Additional tools you will need are just a metronome and chord finder.

You can take guitar skills from beginner to crazy! Includes a ton of zero cost guitar lessons. Learn guitar from professional guitar teachers all across the world. The Infinite Guitar goal is to take you to success in every way!

-Infinite Guitar Tuition-

Optimize for Tablets and Smartphones: Take Infinite Guitar lessons mobile without downloading an app. You can just go directly to the website! Stay up to date with the latest news, lessons, cool offers, and more.

Infinite Guitar Have Created A Brilliant User Experience!

Online Guitar Lessons

Track goals and get detailed statistics on guitar lessons you have completed. To mark lessons as complete, simply click the checkmark button on lists and lesson pages

Many of Guitar Infinity`s guitar lessons are accompanied by backing tracks, allowing you to practice what you’ve learned in a fun and effective way.

Detailed Tablature and Notification

The guitar lessons at Infinite Guitar are accompanied with a detailed and comprehensive tablature. For those who would rather learn using traditional notation instead of tablature, that is taken care of also!

Custom “Watch Later” List

Keep track of your favorite Infinite Guitar lessons so you can re-watch, going back to them at some later stage. To add a lesson to your Watch Later list, click the clock button on lists and lesson pages.

Download Guitar Pro Files

Infinite Guitar offers Guitar Pro files to be downloaded with our lessons. If you own Guitar Pro, you can play, study, and even edit the tabs! Thus, enhance your learning experience – Guitar Pro at Infinite Guitar!

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Cow Poop, A Huge US Music Festival, Festivals & Cheese Specialists!

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Tag: Madison Wisconsin events, though including Milwaukee. Huge US Music Festival, Festivals, Cheese Specialists And The Smell Of Cow Poop! However, here in the UK, we hear little about Wisconsin! That is to its credit in peace and love an` all that. Perhaps Wisconsin is best known here for its huge annual music festival in Wisconsin`s largest city – Milwaukee.

In its own way, the Milwaukee music festival parallels with the Glastonbury Festival here in Somerset UK. However, Glastonbury Festival or Glasto covers a wide range of entertainments for all ages. In fact, some folks go along for the entertainments, not the music!
To briefly digress,  Wisconsin is also known for quality cheeses, festivals, and it follows cow poop!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cow.jpg

Glastonbury Festival “sells out” almost every year, but occasionally the Festival misses a year. This is to leave to grass time to recover – or fallow as you guys and gals in rural Wisconsin will understand (I originate from a rural salt marsh coastal area here in the UK).

You are never too young or too old to attend the Glastonbury Festival. It`s not like the “age-specific” music concerts. Oh to my days of seeing Wishbone Ash, Camel etc.

However, back to Madison Wisconsin Events! Wisconsin is known for its cheeses and cheese festivals. With all the festivals going down in Wisconsin, it seems almost like one giant holiday. But I`m sure it’s not quite like!

Of course, I don`t know of all the music, and music genre, produced through the entire Wisconsin state, but I was introduced to Oregon Wisconsin through the Distant Cuzins Band, but not intentionally.

I have included the Reverbnation & Spotify links below. Dedicated and enthusiastic, they deserve more wok fried Soba beer dollars!

Distant Cuzins – not to be confused with the Distant Cousins band – seem to have had copyright mania on some stage performances (Wow guys! Let’s copyright this?…) thus I don’t know why the lads choose to limit knowledge and thus grandeur…

However, the above stage performance does not have copyright. I would like to think of Distant Cuzins cover more stage performances in the above genre but in addition to influences of >  FR.EE  and Link Wray!

Fr.ee had a simple structure with prominence on bass guitar (As was also thus on part of David Bowie’s earliest work, produced by Tony Visconti). I liked Fr.ee but otherwise, I think they were surprisingly popular!

My introduction to Distant Cuzins – Madison Music Scene was by pure chance or destiny, thus the reason for this Post. Madison has become my music search corner of the US, as it were. I live nearby London, UK.

Here`s what happened: I was searching out horror music, through G.oogle search, created on Novation Launchpads, this included the Twilight Zone theme search in the phrase.

Through YT by complete surprise, the top return was od a Distant Cuzins outdoor performance. So with my very long interests in music, I reasonably searched out as much about Distant Cuzins and an associated Madison Music Scene Wisconsin as I could.

I guess with many young musicians growing up playing music today (Oh I wish I was 17 to 20ish right now, but that`s for the next life.) you might call Distant Cuzins young veterans.

They formed early through the Distant Cuzins Oregon High School concert performing days ( a little sneaky search “pick-up” there..).

Beyond Distant Cuzins stage cover music, I like to think they will progress more within the genre of “A Hot Mess” (as embedded above).

I really like this stage recording, feeling moving this way is best suited to the future of the band. In addition, this better suits Nic`s vocals. Well, that’s my opinion, for what it’s worth.


So, that`s further put Distant Cuzins and the Madison Wisconsin Events into increased awareness! Thus Tagged, Madison Wisconsin Events

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New To WordPress? Be A Totally Cool WP Beginner! Very Low Cost Video Course

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WordPress Totally Cool Website Beginners! Probably you don`t want to need this because you use WordPress. It almost seems as if people are born with an innate WordPress knowhow! 

But I’m sure there are some exceptions. I guess that is why you are here. However, in music for example, when it comes to helping band image there are some great no cost themes around!

In addition, there are literally thousands of plugins, so you and bound to find those related to music, e.g. setting up a fan page, or sending out to email addresses from subscribers.

Cool WordPress Beginners

Do not worry if you have no idea what a WordPress theme is, once you begin the usual way WordPress you will immediately have one!

But this is dated, so best changed. I have included a couple of options further below.

Here Is The Link To WordPress Step By Step Tuition

First impressions are very important to your brand, including self-brand. Within this, the themes used are secondary to content. It seems some do not seem to consider first impressions!

Shame when you work hard in your stage performances for example.

With today`s online tools and resources, pro looking websites are being built at home at a low cost using WordPress.

But you cannot hit the ground running however, a basic understanding is not difficult.

Then if building a music website, for example, you can add an email mailing list where visitors “opt-in”, give tour days etc.

So it could be an additional money earner. Make music offers to your list of followers? With a list you could also send updates and general news about events.

There are loads of plugins around for many purposes these days – literally thousands of them, so you are sure to find one or more to suit. 

As for hosting, my choice for beginners would be>  DreamHost. This is because the DreamHost website is easy to navigate.

In fact, they do not advise changing things. However, as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community> WA, Members get fast and secure HTTPs hosting included! 

WordPress Tutorials Step By Step. WordPress Training Videos For Beginners.  

The cost to you is just a few dollars! In fact, just the cost of a takeaway pizza will cover it! You can immediately download a whole stack of recently updated WordPress training videos today.

Being at very low cost, it all seems too good to be true I guess? Well, there`s no catch.

You see, online marketers are near tripping over each other to get people to join their online mailing lists.

In many instances, marketers will offer either a zero cost product or one of low cost. If in music, it is still a business.

With a stack of WordPress tutorials step by step training, you will have an opportunity to be added to Cedric`s marketing mailing list. However, you can opt-out later if you wish.

Now, I know Ced is, like me, quite laid back. I do not think he will bombard you with emails. Cedric is not a guy who believes in throwing crap at the wall, then using what doesn`t fall off.

If the mention of plugins and themes is currently over your head, no bother, all will become clear if you access the course from the linked image above. 

I mentioned that WordPress training videos had recently been updated.

However, do consider that an ever increasing number of people are now using small screen mobile devices.

So a good WP theme needs to account for this. Of many theme choices, I guess the zero cost Hiero theme will suit the needs of many people.

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